Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New shop. A new journey.

After almost 8 long years of being a work-at-home mother, it was time to search for a studio space. Not that working from home is not productive. In fact, most of my creative works were done and executed in my home office. Having a work space at home also meant I could spend time with my kids and still meet clients' deadlines. It was actually an ideal choice for a working mother who wanted more time with her family. And I had the most wonderful and memorable times with them, ever!

Mariessa is ever so self-motivated and takes care of her younger brother Johanns and baby sister Miea. And when all three are at play, you can expect fireworks! Well, they do get into arguments of course (which siblings don't?), but differences aside, my kids are pretty amazing and I am so very proud of them.

Of course I would also like to think that my working at home has been influential in their growth and development as confident and happy individuals. The times we spend talking, reading, drawing, playing, joking, laughing (in the midst of strict discipline) and doing many other things together are so special. And if I had the choice, I would give up my entire career just to steer and guide them through their life choices. Which I almost did.

And then I began to feel restless, frustrated and my mind wandered to equally satisfying adrenaline rushes of design deadlines, creative processes and simply doing my drawings and illustrations. I began to miss those 'design days', and yearned again for that dream to pursue a Masters education, and a chance to have a lucrative design career. And I know I'm not alone in feeling these emotions.

But at the end of the day, life is about making decisions. I had dreamt the impossible dream many years ago – of having my own design shop – and it has come true. And thus a new journey begins. Come over for a chat. You might like what you see!

Sejati Cards
666 North Bridge Road
2nd Floor (off Haji Lane)
SIngapore 188800

Call us at +65 6291 1760 or buzz me at +65 9674 6050. By appointment only.

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