Welcome and thanks for dropping by! Sejati Cards© was started out of a passion to create wedding invitations that are different from what was available in the market. My designs are classic yet contemporary, and mostly Asian-inspired. I try to capture the beauty of the Indonesian batik, Malay ornament, Chinese lotus, Japanese sakura, Indian paisley and Persian flora, as I believe that we should be proud of our own Asian visual culture and heritage.

Some of my work – illustrations, brochures, magazine design and more…
After graduating from the university majoring in economics, I had worked in a business and design library. But it was a trip to Japan that opened my eyes to the beauty of design and motivated me to pursue a design education at an arts college, and a career in what I love.

When marriage and kids came along, I wanted a work-life balance amidst all the late nights and hectic deadlines. Making the decision to leave my job was not easy. As a mother of three young, energetic and amazing kids, my home-based design work had revolved around their schedules. Nothing could replace the satisfaction of witnessing the first steps and milestones through their early years. For the smiles, hugs and laughter, priceless!

Being an independent creative consultant has allowed me to work on various kinds of projects for not only small businesses, but also multinational companies. I especially liked corporate identity work where I get to study a company's brand and philosophy, and provide suitable recommendations that are different yet effective. Like most designers, I started out doodling since I could remember. It must have created quite an impact in design school because during art lesson, my drawing teacher Mr Nama had said, "Girl, what are you doing in my class? You're such a good artist. You should be out there already. Your work will sell!" Yeah, sure.

In 2003, Tuttle Publishing (US) commissioned me to illustrate their children's books. It has been more than 10 books now! I was also invited to teach basic drawing to multimedia students at the Singapore Polytechnic. I have also been consulted on the design development in Singapore, and also wrote design reviews for publications. I had my first group art exhibition at Contemporary - APAD's 37th Annual Art Exhibition 2011, held at the National Library.

To be able to do all this while raising the kids is no mean feat, like any momtrepreneur will tell you. Some days are better than others. But I am grateful to my harshest critique and supportive husband and soulmate Jeff.

Now working from my own cards gallery since March 2011, the feedback on Sejati Cards© has been positive and at times overwhelming. I feel privileged to work with many happy couples and companies on their invitation card needs. Through this blog, I will provide some visual wedding ideas and share my thoughts… I hope to inspire other women and especially mothers to love what they are doing and go for their dreams.

You can see all designs and read customers' reviews at www.sejaticards.com. Do email me or call me at +65 9674 6050 if you wish to share your stories, or to join me in this journey!

Masturah Shaari
Sejati Cards