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Let's take it outside

If you could do it all again, would you have had your wedding differently? I had dreamt of mine in a garden setting, or on a cliff overlooking vast oceans and clear blue sky. There would be tree hangings and lanterns which would light up as the sun sets. The brilliant orange and purple sky would have been our canvas. The evening breeze would whisper sweet music and the quiet tunes of blues would be played and then fade with the slow turn of the night. It would have been perfect. 

Eleven years into my blissful marriage, and blessed with 3 amazing kids and a wonderful husband, life has been good. And I would not have had it any other way. But who can resist looking at beautiful wedding destinations featured in magazines and on the web? I definitely can't. So for those taking that step forward to wedded life and would like to be wed in the presence of nature's wonder, I am scouring through images of beautiful wedding venues for your pleasure. All you need are flight tickets for yourselves, and your honoured guests, to get there. And acommodation for everyone too if you're feeling generously happy.

First stop – BALI

What can be more romantic than walking through a floor bed of pink and white petals leading up to your wedding gazebo? This gorgeous setting against a marvelously sunny blue sky is at the Ayana Bali Resort (previously known as The Ritz-Carlton Bali Resort & Spa) at Jimbaran Bay. You can also choose to wed in a splendid gazebo with a marvelous view of the sparkling Indian Ocean. The view at night is even more spectacular. 

Ayana Bali Resort in Jimbaran, Bali.

Jimbaran Bay, as I have experienced, is famous for its gorgeous sunsets and delicious seafood. Watch the kecak or legong dance, visit an art museum or wind down at the jazz bar. Your after wedding stay will definitely get a boost of culture and the arts.

And I also can't help but fall in love with these pre or rather post wedding shots from the Four Seasons Resort at Jimbaran. Candles by the beach, sweet smelling frangipani petals in your own private pool… romantic and blissful.

Four Seasons Resort in Jimbaran, Bali

Another beautiful Balinese wedding location is Uluwatu, famous for its majestic cliffs with a spectacular ocean view. Fantastic too if you love surfing, sun, sea and sand. Celebrate your special day in regal style at the Bvlgari Resort.

Bvlgari Resort in Uluwatu, Bali. Photography by Danny Halim

Bvlgari Resort in Uluwatu, Bali. Photography by Deyan Photography Asia.


Ocean Views

One main advantage of having an outdoor wedding setting is that when the weather is perfect, you are sure to get brilliant scenic shots for your wedding album, and especially so when you engage an international wedding photographer like Henry Chen for those memorable moments. Which is why the picture below of a wedding at Shakespeare Garden in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco taken by Henry is simply breathtaking. This is one amazing place and an awesome shot.

Shakespeare Garden in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco


If you don't mind flying to the South Americas for exotic spicy wedding venue, there is the Avalon Reef Isla Mujeres in Mexico. This island is said to be surrounded by turquoise clear waters. Wedding packages offer a wedding gazebo with an ocean view, as well as a romantic dinner for 2 by the beach. Thumbs up for Mexican hospitality!

Avalon Reef Isla Mujeres in Mexico


Castle Weddings

For the closet princes and princesses, a wedding at the castle grounds would be ideal. Having had designed an invitation for a couple who were tying the knot in a castle in Sweden, I now know that you don't have to be related to the royal family to have a castle wedding. Especially when the Swedish bridegroom tells me "there are so many castles in Sweden to choose from and it is way more affordable and easier than booking a hotel in Singapore." Well said.

Here is the card I designed for him and his Chinese bride, which also included a photo of their castle… I mean wedding venue – Vaxholm Castle, a 400 year fortress which sits on an island east of the Swedish village of Vaxholm.

Persian Classic wedding invitation by Sejati Cards

For the record, Sweden has hundreds of castles, palaces, fortresses, estates, manor houses, country houses and mansions. Wait till you get to the rest of Europe! One famous chateau wedding would be that of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in France's spectacular Loire Valley. On the wedding venue Chateau du Guerinet website, it says "You do not need to be a celebrity or ridiculously wealthy to get married at our chateau." Yeah, right!

Beautiful castle weddings shots:
Karlstejn Castle in Prague. Photography by Kurt Vinion.

Karlstejn Castle in Prague. Photography by Kurt Vinion.

Kalmar Castle in Sweden. Photography by Erika Gerdemar.

Dundas Castle in Scotland. Photography by Gordon McGowan

Bowey Castle in Devon, England

Greystoke Castle in Cumbria, England


From gardens, ocean views and castles, the list goes on. I think this warrants another write up on wedding destinations!

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